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Hartbeeps South Bucks & Neighbouring Herts presents...

Berkhamsted Baby Classes | Berkhamsted Toddler Classes | Berkhamsted Pre-School Classes

Berkhamsted baby classes

Hartbeeps South Bucks & Neighbouring Herts can't wait to welcome you to the wonderful world of Hartbeeps in Berkhamsted! You'll find our full timetable and booking links below!

Best wishes and magic sprinkles
Caroline xx


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Berkhamsted Timetableclickable dragon to book Berkhamsted baby classes

TUESDAY @ The Scout Hut
with Nell

10.00am - Happy House (toddling to 4 years old, younger siblings welcome)

11.00am - Baby Beeps (sitting to toddling)

12.15pm - Baby Bells (newborn to sitting)



THURSDAY @ The Scout Hut
with Caroline

9.30am - Happy House (toddling to 4 years old, younger siblings welcome)

10.30am - Baby Beeps (sitting to toddling)

11.45pm - Baby Bells (newborn to sitting)



Berkhamsted baby classesVenue information


The Scout Hut
Queens Road
HP4 3HU 

Venue information:

This venue offers free parking.



£6 per class, payable by half term

£8 to drop in

£6 trial


Book Online | Contact Info

Book Berkhamsted baby classes online
Please book your Berkhamsted baby classes & Berkhamsted toddler classes online or for more information please send your name, your baby's name and DOB to Caroline at Hartbeeps South Bucks & Neighbouring Herts.

Email: caroline@hartbeeps.com

Phone: 07970 719 803


Have a Hartbeeps Party

We also offer amazing birthday parties, celebratory sessions for weddings, christenings and other celebrations, special nursery & school sessions, corporate children's entertainment and more! Please drop me an email for more details!


Our full local class schedule














Other classes nearby

No good? Try our Class Finder to see what other classes are local to you! Can't find anything suitable? Start your own baby business or find out about teaching for us!


Private Baby & Toddler Classes

Can't make it one of our venues? How about going VIP and holding private classes in your own home for just you and your baby buddies - from £10pp! Drop us an email to find out more...


Meet Caroline

Caroline runs Berkhamsted Baby ClassesHi, I'm Caroline and I run Hartbeeps baby and toddler classes across Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. I am a mum to two little boys and they just loved the Hartbeeps sessions – I couldn’t stop singing the songs!!

I realised the other day that no matter what happens in our house, the boys burst into song – a Hartbeeps song for every occasion, it’s like living in a Mary Poppins film!!

I started out as a contractor for Hartbeeps after taking redundancy from my previous ‘proper’ job and through that did some sessional work at Cha’s café in Watford which was great experience. I took the franchise in the summer of 2011 and have never looked back!

I LOVE coming to work which is a BIG change from before and I spend all day smiling – it’s great for the soul! Who knew I could be so happy in my work!! Spending days dressed up like a duck or roaring like a dinosaur and watching the joy and amazement on the faces of the children and the adults – what could be better! .

Caroline xx

Email: caroline@hartbeeps.com


Meet the team

Hi I'm Karolina

Karolina runs Amersham baby classesWelcome to the magical world of Hartbeeps and our Berkhamsted baby and toddler classes. It's true, it's a magical experience for both child and parent. I started taking my daughter Pippa to classes when she was 3 months old.

She was always very alert and inquisitive, so I wanted to find something we could do together that would stimulate her and encourage her curious mind to develop further.

We were both hooked from the first session and never looked back. I want to be able to share my experience with other Hartbeepers and their families which is why I decided to join the Hartbeeps Family.

I have an extensive corporate background within the toy design industry, working for people such as Disney, so really, I've always been a big kid at heart!

Come and join me at our wonderful Amersham baby classes and Amersham toddler classes! See you soon!


Customer Review - MUM JUGGLING LIFE!

“I want to put a massive two cents in for Hartbeeps! :) here's the thing... The first three months of my beautiful son's life were the hardest of my own.... I had very little support at the time as family lived further away than I would have liked, and I didn't know anyone in Chesham at all.

I decided to go to Hartbeeps not expecting much at all to be honest; my son had medical issues and I found it hard to manage, I thought i would be judged because my son could be quite upset a lot of the time and that I wouldn't be welcome. Nothing could be further from the truth. From the moment my son started those classes, he has been a changed baby. He adored Babybells, and it opened up a whole new world for him. Seeing how utterly transfixed he was by the props, the music, by Caroline, was amazing for me to watch.

This is so much more than just music and songs... It's about you, your child, your bond. Everything seems tailored so that instead of your child just sitting there and being sung at, your child actively takes part in the classes alongside mum. I have moved away from the area to the midlands where there is no Hartbeeps, and we miss it dearly. Not too dearly though...

We bought CDs of the music he loves and to this day, at 11 months old, we use them daily, at playtime, nap time and night time. I can't tell you enough how wonderful Hartbeeps is, it's like a family, and Caroline is the best 'auntie' my son could have! :) she takes a personal interest in each and every child ad their happiness, but you should really go to a trial class to see what I mean. And say hi to the buggly beeps from George when you're there as he misses them!"


Customer Review from Noah's mum...

Tuesday lunch time and it is the best hour of our week. The sessions are fun, interactive and informative. Noah smiles the whole way through and loves looking at the other babies. I have also really enjoyed getting out and meeting some Mums with babies the same age as Noah as most of my friends all have children the same age as my girls. 

Hartbeeps run different sessions for different age groups. Babybells is for babies who are not on the move yet. It incorporates a bit of baby massage and some signing too and naturally lots of singing. Our teacher, Caroline, is really enthusiastic and makes everyone feel really welcome.

As it is a session for young babies it is not totally full on and during the 50 minutes there are pauses where the Mums can talk and Caroline shares her wealth of knowledge about babies. Being a Mum herself she also  has lots of funny stories to share about her boys which makes it a very relaxed and friendly environment. 

The sessions are baby lead so if your little one needs a feed or change during the session there is no problem at all with you just stopping and doing what you need to. I have to say I have never attended a group like this. Hartbeeps wasn’t around when I had my girls, we did various things with the girls but nothing that was as fun or relaxed as this.

I have purchased the CD so I can do some of the activities at home with Noah as he really responds to the music.

Being only 17 weeks I can’t really sit and play with him as such, but Hartbeeps has given me inspiration to use puppets and he seems really stimulated by it. After the session he is always very tiered and sleeps for about 2 hours. Thankfully it doesn’t affect his night-time sleep routine. 

I would highly recommend Hartbeeps sessions to anyone with a baby or small child. You can sign up for a half term, or if you are like me, go straight in and book the whole term. I was in no doubt that I wanted to keep going so I booked the term in advance and got a CD for free. The teachers sell the puppets and music that are used in the class, if you are interested, but they are not in any way pushy with it.

You often find money off vouchers or leaflets about other baby businesses at the sessions so it is also a good source for information.  It’s a 10/10 rating from Noah and I x


Hartbeeps South Bucks and Neighbouring Herts supports...


Children in Need

Children's Air Ambulance
Please donate £3 a month
to keep the children's air ambulance helping families in the moments of greatest need.

SANDS still birth and neonatal death charity logo APNI Association for post natal illness


Hartbeeps in Nurseries, Pre-Schools, Primary Schools and Educational Settings...

Hartbeeps Nursery sessions Hartbeeps Adventures in baby land nursery enrichment

We bring our oustanding and Ofsted-loved "Hartbeeps Adventures" (for toddlers and children up to 8yrs) and "Hartbeeps Adventures in Baby Land" (for babies up to 18months) nursery enrichment sessions to some wonderful nurseries in the local area area.

If you'd like us to visit your nursery, childminders, primary school or pre-school for a trial, a one-off party or to discuss providing regular arts and creativity enrichment please contact us at caroline@hartbeeps.com

We work with...

Fledglings Nursery & Pre-school logoFledglings Day Nursery
Ashlyns Hall Estate
Chesham Road

T: 01442 864777

E: berkhamsted@fledglingsnursery.com

Sunhill nursery logoSunhill Day Nursery
Spring Garden Lane
Off Shooters Way

T: 01442 872398

E: castlemontessori@sunhilldaycare.com


Hartbeeps South Bucks & Neighbouring Herts working with...

We love to support local businesses especially those run by Hartbeeps parents so please don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat.


Hartbeeps is here for you:

Feeling low? Where to get help:

One of the wonderful things about Hartbeeps classes is that it puts you in touch with other parents at the same stage as you. At our classes we aim to build friendships and support networks that can last a lifetime. Your Hartbeeps family are here for you when times are tough or whenever you feel down. If you know you are or you think you might be suffering with post natal depression then there a few places you can reach out to for help - you are not alone! Hartbeeps and other chairties are here for you.

The Association for Post Natal Illness has mentors who've suffered and come out the other side who can help support you.

  • APNI (Association for Post Natal Illness) - call between 10.00am and 2.00pm on: 0207 386 0868 or chat with us using the chat box of the website: https://apni.org
  • Family Lives offers 24hr help available on 0808 800 2222 and they also have an online chat facility - for ANY aspect of family life, not just pregnancy and child related.
  • And there's the Samaritans: 0845 790 9090

There's also support and advice available online on Twitter, Wednesday between 8-9pm via the hashtag #PNDHour and peer to peer support 24/7 with #PNDChat. Find out more about PND & Me here.


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