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Welcome to Hartbeeps Auckland

Auckland Baby Classes | Auckland Toddler Classes | Auckland Pre-School Classes

Hartbeeps Auckland can't wait to welcome you to the wonderful world of Hartbeeps! You'll find our full timetable and booking links below!

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Our full local class schedule


Devonport Plunket Clinic
3 Wairoa Rd
Auckland 0624

With Heidi

9.45am - Happy House (confident walkers and younger siblings welcome)

10.45am - Baby Beeps (sitting/crawling babies)

12.00pm - Baby Bells (pre-sitting babies)


Coming soon....

Want a class near you? Email Heidi and register your interest in classes starting local to you: heidi@hartbeeps.com


Meet Heidi

Hello I’m Heidi...

I will bringing the magic of Hartbeeps to Auckland’s North Shore.

I am a UK Qualified, Early Childhood Teacher and have had a passion for working with young children for over 20 years, as well as being mum of two wonderful children.

I found Hartbeeps on a recent trip home to the UK and realised New Zealand was missing out on this truly unique learning experience for young children.

I love the way classes are specially designed in line with your baby's development, as well as adding a touch of Magic Sprinkles to your day. 

The classes provide an environment  for you and your baby to have special bonding time together in a fun, interactive way. It’s also a chance for you to meet other mum’s on the same journey as you.
If you are looking to have the most magical, bonding and highly interactive experience on the planet, then look no further!

We will share the fantastic learning journey together in a world of make believe, using original music, sound effects, songs, lighting effects, innovative props and puppetry, together with a vast array of multisensory techniques, Hartbeeps creates a wonderful, truly inclusive experience for you and your child.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Magic Sprinkles
Heidi x
Email: heidi@hartbeeps.com

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