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Every year we get together at the holiday resort Searles, Hunstanton, Norfolk. We bring our families too. Last year we gathered as the Hartbeeps Tribe, as we worked with African Drummer and Franchise trainer Jeanette Jackson…see what happened here….

The team had a dabble of becoming a true Rock Choir. We took part in the interactive Happy House, Hartbeeps show, running daily throughout the summer at Searles.

Meet some of the 60+ Playologists making music magic here and overseas below or check out our Year in the Life of a Hartbeeps Franchiser blog and see what the first year is like!

Contact us to book a discovery chat with Sarah!

Meet Steph

“I am a Mummy to two gorgeous children who take up lots of my time, as all Mummies know I have childcare two days per week and have been teaching baby and toddler yoga on these days over the last three years.

I love my job, I love working with parents and their children and I love getting to know them over the weeks, months and in some cases years they come to my classes.

However two days isn't a lot of time to do all the class planning and preparation, marketing and networking needed to fill classes and run a successful business, so I have been looking for a franchise that fitted my values and could offer me the support I needed.

Enter Hartbeeps and Sarah I took my daughter to some Hartbeeps classes and we both had such fun and many of the Mums who came to my classes were also going to Hartbeeps and spoke very highly of it.

When I found that Sarah was franchising the business, I jumped at the chance to become part of the Hartbeeps family. Running your own business is great but it can be lonely, so it's great to have peers to talk to about good days and bad and to ask for advice."

Meet Anna

 “I have worked as a singing entertainer within nurseries prior to joining Hartbeeps. Having first-hand experience about musical sessions for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, I decided it was time to discover what current Musical Franchises do and how they deliver their product in view of taking on a business that had already been tried and tested for myself.

In 2009 my daughter Scarlett was born. I quickly learnt about my own child’s development and now have a very instant insight into the world of observation, milestones and the amazing journey a baby makes once they come into this world.

Once the decision to return to work was made I felt there was more to me as an 'Entertainer' in this industry. I started looking at various Franchise and Brands; it was when I heard from a friend who also works in childcare about Hartbeeps I had to see this for myself.

I went along to a Hartbeeps Baby Beeps session with my Daughter (then 5 months) and I instantly saw that this was something different, VERY different.

Scarlett adored the session and I adored the session for the magical way it made us feel and how happy all the other parents and children were around us. Whilst attending Hartbeeps sessions I was still out there looking at Musical Franchises.

I am a business-minded person and found that a lot of companies had a great business model, but the music was all "the same" lacking image or originality.

It was only when I found Hartbeeps were looking to franchise that it suddenly clicked Hartbeeps cherishes those happy and amazing moments for a baby, toddler or pre-schooler. It's a magical world that has been extremely well researched.

It's got layers to it that I can't wait to unfurl You are not just singing a song and sounding 'nice' your producing a moment that is filled with multi-sensory and inspired material. The Hartbeeps franchise model reflects that also. It makes you want to know more. You can make it become part of your life so easily and let it discover you, as you discover it”

Meet Suzanne

 “When I was first introduced to Hartbeeps I immediately fell in love with the whole magical experience. Having seen the light in my children's eyes made me realise just how important their imaginations were and how music would encourage them to grow in confidence and develop their own special personalities.

Hartbeeps enables me to work around my children and be there for their needs as well as my own. I feel I have got back my independence, which I lost when leaving my career to raise my family. I am my own person again. The magic of Hartbeeps is amazing.

No matter how bad your day has been going, whenever I begin my sessions and I am standing in front of a dozen or so smiling faces everything disappears and a surge of happiness descends on me.

One mum described me as always chirpy and happy but working causes this with amazing babies and toddlers, all of which are special and unique. Their big bight eyes when they walk into the room, their sudden urge to bounce and sway is mouth-watering.

I love watching the children grow and develop with the influence of Hartbeeps and would never give it up for the world”. 

Meet Emily

I first discovered Hartbeeps when I took my little boy, Elijah, to a Happy House class about a year ago. As we walked into the room on a rainy, cold morning I watched with amazement my tired, grumpy boy come to life as he was swept up in the music, imaginative landscape and magic of Hartbeeps.

Having done a Drama Degree and then gone on to train as a Drama and Movement Therapist, my passions have always been rooted in the joys of uninhibited play, the therapeutic qualities of touch, and the ability that music and creativity have to excite and engage even the shyest of children.

I have worked as a drama and movement practitioner, singer and story teller, with the very young to the elderly, in many settings including nurseries and pre-schools, special and mainstream schools, and theatre companies.

Hartbeeps' multi sensory, child- and parent-centered, fully inclusive approach is, I believe, quite unique, and I found it above and beyond any other music groups I had previously been to.

So much so, that after that first session I bought a franchise before it was snapped up."